Poland’s new chemical industry jobs numbers: 1.4M jobs by 2020

Poland’s new government has announced a total of 1.5 million jobs for chemical industry workers, with an expected job growth of 1 percent over the next five years.Poland’s newly elected Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has also said he is looking […]

How to buy and use the water chemicals you need to protect your family

You can buy and prepare water-based products and chemicals for your home with the help of the Asia Chemical Industry Association (ACHIA), a trade group.In addition to water, you can also purchase chemicals from the ACHIA website.You can also find […]

An Aarti chemical plant in India is facing an unexpected shutdown due to toxic gas leaks

IN AARASH KUMARIKUMARY, Haryana: Aartis India Pvt Ltd (AAPL) has been ordered to shut down its Aartix plant due to leaks of toxic gas that have contaminated a number of sites across the country.The company’s operations were suspended on Thursday […]

Australian company blames chemical industry for deaths of children

Posted September 05, 2018 09:25:39An Australian company has blamed the chemical industry’s failure to address the rise in respiratory illness caused by toxic chemicals, and its failure to take appropriate action, for the deaths of some of the children who […]

Why a Chinese-made lithium battery can compete with an Indian one

Chinese-built lithium batteries are poised to beat the global market for electricity storage, according to analysts.But unlike most of its competitors, the company’s lithium-ion battery is made with a single material.The batteries’ high-energy density makes them a boon for large-scale […]