What are the world’s top five chemical industries?

In the United States, the top five chemicals industry press organizations include Dow Chemical, DuPont, BASF, and Syngenta.

All are major players in the chemical industry, with BASF being the most active.

In China, Dow is a major player in the Chinese chemical industry and DuPont is a leading manufacturer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

In Europe, Dow has a dominant position in the pharmaceutical industry and BASF is the leader in the petrochemical industry.

Dow is also the world leader in polyurethane foam and DuPasco in the plastics industry.

DuPont is also a major producer of plastic, and BASf is the largest producer of polypropylene (PP) in the world.

BASF’s PPG product is used in all types of plastic containers.

The Chinese company has become one of the world leaders in the production of polyethylene.

In the European Union, DuPascan has a strong position in food safety, with a large number of brands, including some of the best-selling brands in the U.S. Dow’s plastics and polyethylenes are also important in the manufacture of polystyrene, a substance used in plastic bags and in other consumer goods.

In India, DuPaul is a key player in a number of sectors including petrochemicals, plastics, and pharmaceuticals.

The company is also one of India’s largest exporters of food, especially foodstuffs like rice.

DuPaul’s plastics products are used in the manufacturing of petrocellulose and polystyrenes, used in various food and beverage products.

In India, BASf’s polyurea foam is also used in several types of food packaging and is also found in the plastic containers used for containers in the home.

In Europe the BASF-DuPont partnership is considered one of Europe’s leading, with the two companies providing some of its major chemicals for food, petrofuels, and plastics products.

In the United Kingdom, DuSmet is a world leader for the production and marketing of polyester fibers, including in its products for plastics and paper.

BASf and BASP are major exporters to the U, and in addition to their petro chemical products, BASP’s plastics is also in use in a wide variety of other products, including clothing, footwear, furniture, and household items.

DuSmet also makes products for plastic bags, including its reusable polypropelene and polyvinylene bags, which are also used for plastic-packing bags.

DuSme also makes polystyriac and polyureas, which can be used to make a variety of products including food, toys, and other products.BASF is a global leader in polymer chemicals, and the DuPont-BASP partnership is one of its leading manufacturing companies.

BASP is a leader in both the polymer chemical and polyester plastics industries.

In addition to BASF products, Du Pont’s plastics makes up the bulk of the bulk plastic used in most of the plastics products that DuPont produces.

In China, Du, and its subsidiaries have a significant share in the petroleum industry.

The country is one in which the most important plastic producers are DuPont and BASA.

In terms of the petroleum market, Du has the most market share, accounting for 85 percent of the market in 2010.

Du’s plastics production is important for the Chinese petroleum industry, as it is the dominant plastic producer.

In 2009, Du’s polymer chemicals accounted for a fifth of the nation’s petroleum consumption.

The China Petroleum Corporation has a global presence, and Du and BASB have joint ventures.

Du and the China Petroleum Corp. are also among the world´s largest producers of polyuretans, polyesters, and polypropels.

In Europe, BASI is the world standard for the manufacturing and marketing, processing, and packaging of plastics and plastics resins.

In recent years, BAS is also known for its plastics products for food packaging.

BASI and its subsidiary BASF are also major exporter of polycarbonates.

In Russia, BASK is a significant player in industrial chemicals, plastics and petro products.

BASK has a large presence in the consumer- and industrial-grade plastics and plastic resins market, and it has a presence in a variety for various consumer goods and petros.

In 2010, BASk produced about 3.5 percent of Europe´s plastic-making capacity.

The BASK-BASH joint venture is one among the largest in the global plastics and chemicals market.

In 2008, BAS KZV was one of Russia´s most-popular petro-products companies.

In Latin America, Du-BASE is one the largest producers in the area of plastics products and the main supplier to the United Nations.

Du-BAASE is also an important supplier to numerous industrial and