How the U.S. chemical industry lost 700,000 jobs in 2016

Chemicals are a key part of the U,S.


They account for nearly two-thirds of our economic output.

But the chemicals industry, which employs nearly 20 million Americans, has been struggling to maintain its jobs.

That’s because of the dramatic fall in the prices of certain chemicals.

Now that prices are low, chemical companies are laying off workers in an attempt to save money.

But it’s not just the chemical workers who are facing job losses.

A report released by the U.,S.

Chemical Industry Association shows that more than 700,0000 people have lost their jobs in the U of S. in 2016.

Chemical manufacturing jobs have been in decline for years, but it’s only in the last couple of years that the numbers have begun to climb.

This is the report that lays out the chemical industry’s job losses in 2016 and shows that the industry is still struggling to keep the jobs it has lost. 

Chemicals are an important part of our economy.

But we need them to be safe and effective.

So we have to keep them affordable.

That means keeping them out of the hands of the terrorists and criminals.

So that’s the story that we’re putting out.

That is the story of what we’re doing right now.

So this is the kind of story that the American people need to know about the chemical companies and the chemicals that they make.

But what we can’t afford to do is let these companies down.

So the next time you hear about chemicals and you see a headline like the chemical company jobs, we need to point out that it’s really about the job creators and the job creation in the United States.

So, what are chemicals that you think we should be protecting?

And what are the chemicals you think our chemical industry should be making?

We need to invest in the people that are making these products, so that when we see this sort of thing in the future, we can say, well, this is not what we do.

This isn’t what we should do.

What we should not be doing is keeping these companies from getting out of control.

So here’s what I’m proposing.

The first thing we need is to pass the JOBS Act.

The JOBS act was passed in Congress last year and it’s called the American Job Creation Act.

And the idea behind it is, let’s get back to creating jobs.

So what I propose is that when I’m president, we’re going to sign this JOBS bill into law.

And this bill would do two things.

First, it would make it easier for companies to hire workers.

And secondly, it’s going to allow companies to have the flexibility to hire people that can make the products that they’re producing.

And so that’s exactly what we need.

The American Job Creators Act has been passed into law in Congress.

And it’s the first step in making sure that we are creating jobs in America.

So let’s pass this bill.

We’re going do two more things.

The second thing we’re also going to do, I think, is make sure that every American has the opportunity to get an education that will give them the skills that will enable them to do the job that they want to do in the next decade.

So in addition to having an apprenticeship program for people that want to start manufacturing in the factory, we also want to make sure we’re investing in our kids to be able to start a family.

And I’ve already put forward legislation to do that.

The third thing we want to ensure is that we get more companies making these chemicals.

We’ve got a big problem in America of chemical companies that are out of jobs and out of business.

We have a huge industry in the chemical business that has been losing jobs at an alarming rate.

And we have got to have these companies and their employees back in the business of manufacturing.

That starts with getting the JOBSA Act passed. 

We’re also putting forward legislation that will also provide more support to our chemical workers in terms of the training and the apprenticeship programs.

And finally, we have legislation that is going to make it harder for companies that have the ability to make these chemicals to keep out of our country. 

This is why I’ve made it a priority of mine to sign the JOBs Act.

It’s just so important for American workers.

We can’t keep manufacturing in China and exporting our jobs out of this country.

So I’m making it a top priority of my administration to get the JObs Act passed so that we can make sure our American workers are getting the training that they need to get their jobs back. 

So with the JObSA Act, we are going to help the American workers get the training they need so they can be ready for the future.

We are also going in with legislation that we call the American Jobs Creation Act, which will create an apprenticeships program that