Calgary, the industry that has become toxic, is now toxic industrial chemical gloves

In the past few years, industrial chemical industry in Calgary has become an increasingly toxic environment.

The industry has developed a toxic cocktail of toxic chemicals, such as benzene and perchlorate, that are used in the manufacture of many of the chemical gloves that the province is currently buying.

Industry officials said they have been unable to buy the gloves because the industry has been losing manufacturing jobs.

A new report from the Alberta Chemical Safety Authority says the industry lost more than $1.4 billion between January 1, 2010, and March 31, 2020, in a region that includes the downtown core and the northern part of Calgary.

The report says that is the third straight year of losses.

In its annual report released this month, the authority said it is investigating more than 300 industrial chemicals and toxic industrial products in Calgary.

It says the province has not made a decision on whether to buy gloves.