China’s taiwang chemical industry to launch next generation chemical products in 2020

China’s tea industry is poised to make history when it begins to make chemical products using its latest technology in 2020, a year ahead of schedule, according to a government-backed initiative. 

The move marks a new era for the industry, as the country’s tea growers and manufacturers have struggled with the legacy of chemical pollutants that plagued their industries during the Maoist era.

The new technology, which was created by the China Agricultural Research Institute, aims to eliminate the need for a large amount of chemicals to be mixed with the tea to make the final product, according the announcement on Friday by the Agricultural Science and Technology Ministry.

The ministry has announced the first of two major breakthroughs in its initiative, the announcement of which was made on Friday.

The first of the breakthroughs involves the development of a new type of “synthetic rubber” made from a material that contains the amino acid glutamate.

The substance can be used for the manufacture of synthetic rubber and rubber gels, which will also be used to make “fishing nets”, according to the announcement. 

“The first breakthrough in this area will be the use of synthetic synthetic rubber,” said Liu Xiaoxing, the ministry’s deputy director-general of scientific research, at the announcement, according to Xinhua.

The announcement was also made on the sidelines of the world-first Global Summit on Science, Technology and Innovation in China, which took place in Hangzhou, Jiangsu province on Saturday.

China’s government has invested heavily in its tea industry to modernise the countrys production and export of the highly valued beverage, which accounts for 10% of the country`s GDP.

The government has also created the National Tea Technology Research Institute to develop technology for the production and use of tea, according China Daily.

“We will continue to invest in tea, the first and the best, as a country,” said Zhou Yong, the director-generals chief of the National Science Foundation.

“Our government will be able to develop a better system to produce tea from a more sustainable, better quality and higher value-added product.”

“We have seen a tremendous rise in the production of tea and the tea industry has witnessed a tremendous improvement in quality and production.

This is a great opportunity to invest more in the tea sector,” Zhou added.

The government is currently working on a strategy to support the production, export and consumption of tea in the country.

The institute is currently also creating the China Tea Technology Co-operative for the export of tea.

The launch of the new technology will enable the tea companies to focus on improving their processes, including improving the manufacturing process, and also help the industry reduce pollution.

The technology is currently being developed at the Qingdao Institute of Technology, which is the state-owned research institute in Beijing, Xinhua said.