Government to announce $6bn in clean water supply for state’s chemical industries

The Federal Government is launching an overhaul of its chemical industries strategy with a $6 billion commitment to the state’s water supply.

Key points:The Federal Government will invest $6.5bn in the state water sectorThe investment will cover the first phase of a $5.2bn industrial water supply projectThe Federal government will spend $6 million on infrastructure, including water, sewage and energy projects for its chemical industryThe Federal Cabinet has approved $1.3 billion for a water-based chemical industry project, with the $6billion investment to be funded by the state, Environment Minister Anthony Lynham said on Thursday.

The Federal Environment Minister said the $4 billion industrial water sector investment would include a water treatment plant and wastewater treatment facility.

Mr Lynham has committed $1 billion in infrastructure investments over the next two years, and the Government will provide $1 million to the New South Wales Government for infrastructure, Mr Lynham told a joint press conference.

The state’s industrial water industries are one of the biggest in Australia.

The investment comes at a time of rising water pressure in the Western Australian state, with more than 40 per cent of the water supplies in Western Australia currently under water pressure, according to the Australian Water Quality Council.

Mr Lyon said the funding would help support an industry that employs more than 1,000 people in the region.

The State Government is also looking to invest $2.2 billion in water infrastructure, with $1bn for water treatment plants and $1billion for a wastewater treatment plant.

Mr Lynnham said the Federal Government had taken a holistic approach to industrial water, including supporting the industry through its industrial water policy.

“The $5 billion investment will include an industrial water treatment and wastewater plant, a wastewater management facility, an industrial chemical cleaning facility and an industrial pesticide plant,” he said.

“These projects will be funded through a state-wide investment fund, which will provide an opportunity for a strong industry in Western Australian to grow and thrive.”

Mr Lyon confirmed the Federal Budget would deliver a further $5bn of funding to the industrial water industry in the next financial year.

The $6,000-a-month rebate on industrial water is currently worth $1,000 per month.

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