How to make an affordable solar panel

New Delhi: A consortium of leading Indian chemical and renewable energy firms will start a pilot project in the southern state of Kerala next month to test the viability of using solar panels to generate electricity.

The consortium of companies, led by chemical giant Tetra BioEnergy, has also proposed to set up an initial production facility in Kannur, the state capital, to test their solar panels in an experiment.

“We have started a pilot plant at Kannurta to test solar panels, which we are planning to build into a production plant in the state of Kannupur,” said Sunil Kumar, the group’s president.

The Kerala government is yet to respond to Tetra’s proposal.

The government said it will take a view on the plan in due course.

The state’s energy minister Anil Goyal, a member of the consortium, said it is too early to give a decision on whether to start the project.

“The first phase of the plant will be the initial phase.

We will also have a second phase, where we will produce electricity through solar panels,” Goyal told reporters in New Delhi on Thursday.”

But, in principle, it will be a solar plant and the output from the solar plant will then be used for power generation,” he added.

A similar solar project in neighbouring Tamil Nadu was launched last year.

Solar panel manufacturing is a growing industry in India with companies ranging from giant manufacturers of solar panels and inverters to smaller manufacturers of small, inexpensive solar panels.

India is also rapidly developing its clean energy sector with the introduction of new technologies such as geothermal power, nuclear power and geothermal steam power.