How will a trade deal affect the opioid crisis?

After years of promises, the Trump administration on Friday signed a new trade agreement with 11 countries that would include provisions aimed at easing opioid addiction and opioid deaths.

The deal, which will allow U.S. companies to import up to 30 million prescription drugs from Canada and Mexico, also includes provisions aimed to combat the fentanyl epidemic.

The U.K., Germany and other countries have already started phasing out fentanyl from their drug supply chains.

The Trump administration said the trade deal would benefit American workers by easing the burden on American consumers and the economy, and help spur innovation and new industries.

Trump’s trade policies have been widely criticized by critics.

Trump, who has repeatedly attacked trade agreements, said he would reverse NAFTA if elected president in November.

The pact would be the largest and most consequential U.A.E. trade deal in history.

It also would mark the first major U.N. trade agreement to address the global opioid crisis, with the U.

Ns first ever pact to deal with the issue.