The Chemical War in America

On September 20, 2017, American industrial chemical manufacturer, AmerisourceBergen, released a press release claiming that it had conducted a chemical warfare test on a North Korean military vessel.

It was the first time the company had publicly admitted to carrying out a chemical attack on a foreign vessel.

AmerisourcesBergen claimed that the test was conducted in response to the North’s recent test of a long-range ballistic missile (LRM).

The North had also conducted a series of missile launches, including a launch of an intermediate-range missile on September 5, 2018, which the company called a “highly provocative and provocative move.”

In response to this, AmeriSourceBergen conducted a second test of its LRMs on September 18, 2018.

This test included a successful test of the intermediate- range missile.

The LRMs used in these tests have a range of 2,500 kilometers (1,800 miles), and the missiles themselves have a speed of Mach 3.

The missile tested by AmerissourceBergen had a range exceeding that of a medium-range Scud, the second-generation Scud.

According to the company, the missile used in this test was the “Punjabi-based VKS-18B, a weapon with a range extending to 4,500km and a speed exceeding Mach 5.”

According to a press statement from AmeriSourcesBergen’s chief operating officer, David Estrada, said the test “proved our ability to protect ourselves and our crews from a North Korea’s ballistic missile threat.”

The test had been conducted “under the most rigorous protocols and protocols required by international law,” Estradas said.

The test was not an attack, nor was it conducted in defiance of any treaty, Estrados said.

Estrades claims, however, raised questions about whether the test constituted a threat to the security of the US or its allies.

The North Koreans claimed to have conducted this test on September 16, 2018 in response, according to AmeriourcesBergers press release.

The press release also said that Ameri sourcesBergen would not release the results of its test until after a thorough investigation was completed.

AmerisourceBergers released a statement to the AP on September 20 saying that it would “follow up with the relevant international bodies” on the test and would take appropriate steps to “ensure the safety of its employees, customers and the wider public.”

AmeriSOURCEBergers said that the company “did not seek any information from North Korea regarding the test, nor did it seek any cooperation from the DPRK.”

The statement did not address the specifics of the testing.

A US official told NBC News that the North Koreans had previously claimed that their test was a “successful test of an advanced long- range ballistic missile,” which is one of the North Korean’s most capable and powerful missiles.

However, this claim has since been disproven by the Pentagon.

The Pentagon says that the missile tested in September was a new design, which it has said it will be unable to verify.

It has also said the North has conducted three launches in recent months, all of which it claims were successful.

In a statement on September 19, Amer iSourcesBergers stated that it “has always taken steps to protect its employees and its customers from the potential of any incident.”

According a statement by the company’s public relations department, AmerIsourceBergers has “a high degree of confidence in the integrity of the international ballistic missile verification system.”

This confidence was reaffirmed in a letter to the US Department of Defense, the White House, and the United Nations, released by Ameri sourceBergers on September 21, 2018 after the company claimed that it was “in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.”

The letter stated that “our employees and our customers have every confidence in our ability and commitment to meet the highest international standards.”

The Pentagon confirmed that the Pentagon has received the letter.

The letter said that “We will continue to monitor Ameri sourceBerges actions to ensure compliance with international ballistic launch regulations and to ensure that any threat is contained.”

The Washington Post has previously reported that AmerisourcedBergen has been accused of violating international law and has faced sanctions by the US.

The US has also accused AmeriSourceBerger of illegally exporting military equipment to Iran.

This has led to sanctions against the company.