When Chemical Industry London Launches Its First Kickstarter campaign

The first Kickstarter campaign for chemical industry startup Chemical Industry London is going strong, with more than $15,000 raised so far.

The company, founded in 2015, is now accepting pledges to launch the first batch of new products in 2017.

The product they’re working on includes the chemical diazolidinyl urea, which has been used in cosmetics for decades.

The London-based company hopes to bring the product to market as a food additive, which would reduce the amount of chemicals in our food supply by more than half.

Here are some of the key features of the new Kickstarter campaign: The Kickstarter campaign will be available for free for anyone who is interested in investing in Chemical Industry’s product line.

The team is currently in the process of testing new batches of the product.

This is the first time Chemical Industry has launched a Kickstarter campaign, and it’s already one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in the company’s history.

There will be no additional costs for the backers, who can pledge $1 to help cover the cost of the Kickstarter campaign.

For a full breakdown of the campaign, check out the official launch announcement here. 

As mentioned above, Chemical Industry will be focusing on developing a limited-time product that will reduce the use of diazolinyl ureas in cosmetics.

The Kickstarter will allow backers to pledge to the product for up to 10 days, and the team is working on the next batch of products. 

Chemical Industry London says it will be launching a limited number of Kickstarter-funded products for the public in the coming weeks, so you can start planning now.