When is Basf chemical plant expected to resume production?

The plant was expected to restart production after the collapse of the coal mine.

Now, it will likely resume only when the weather cooperates with a restart, according to an industry official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

It’s unclear when the plant will reopen.

The state Department of Environmental Protection said on Monday that it was working with the Basf company to restart the plant, but declined to provide more details.

Basf’s chairman and CEO, Mohammad Hassan, said on Twitter that the company had restarted the plant “with full knowledge that there are environmental hazards”.

But the plant’s owner, the Iraqi Petroleum Corporation, which has a controlling stake in the plant as part of its $1.8bn loan, has not said when it plans to resume operations.

An AP investigation found that several of Basf Group’s subsidiaries have received billions of dollars in loans from the US-led coalition.

The US Treasury Department is looking into whether Iran has violated the nuclear deal, which prohibits Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons, or whether Iran’s government has used its control of the country’s energy resources to support terrorism.

The United States has also raised concerns that Iran has not fully implemented its obligations under the nuclear agreement.