Why do people hate chemicals?

With so much pressure placed on Australia’s toxic chemicals industry to keep its profits, there’s little public support for the companies that make them.

While a few companies are trying to fight back, others are quietly working towards the end of their lifespans and the closure of their factories.

Industry analyst Dr John Coyle says the problem is becoming more entrenched, but that’s not surprising given the pressures on the industry.

“In some cases, they have been making the chemicals for a long time, and they’ve been making them at their facilities,” Dr Coyle said.

“(Companies) have built up a pretty substantial cash reserve and now they have to make the changes and the changes are coming.

The only way that they can keep doing that is if they can find a buyer.”

Companies like Syngenta and Valeant have been forced to find buyers for some of their chemical plants in recent years, but some are facing pressure to close in the face of mounting public pressure.

Some companies are also trying to avoid the spotlight by moving to new facilities overseas, but are still under intense scrutiny.

Syngenta said in its annual report it was considering closing its Melbourne plant, and that its decision would be subject to the outcome of a $1.4 billion legal challenge.

A spokesman for Valeant said it had “reassessed” its options, but did not provide details.