Al Jazeera’s Scottish chemical industry says ‘no’ to chemicals coming to UK

AECI industrial chemicals said it was “absolutely” against chemicals coming into the UK, as the Government’s planned Brexit deal threatened to see millions of pounds worth of the chemicals leave the country.

Al Jazeera spoke to Alastair Wilson, the president of the AECIC, which represents the chemical industry, and Ben Smith, the CEO of the UK Chemicals Council.

Alastav said that chemicals coming from other EU countries would be allowed to stay in the UK under a proposed deal.

“AECI is absolutely against chemicals being brought into the country in the way they are, and we have no intention of doing so,” he told Al Jazeera.

The UK Chemical Industry Confederation said it is “unaware” of any other industry group in the country opposed to chemicals entering the UK.

Al Smith said that AECIE, the British Chemical Industry Council, “has not been consulted” about the proposed deal and is not “aware of any industry group” in the United Kingdom that would oppose chemicals entering.

“There are no specific rules in the EU that allow chemicals to come in without a prior, informed request from the UK Government,” he said.

“We would certainly welcome any advice from the Government on what to do about this.”

The UK Chemical Industry Confederation (BCCI) has a total membership of more than 10,000 members and is based in London.

The chemical industry has warned that if the Government fails to agree a deal with EU partners in 2019, it could be left in the lurch.

The group has called on the Government to “stop wasting billions of pounds on toxic waste”, and said that “the only way to avoid this is to leave the EU.”

However, a number of leading UK chemical companies have already said that they would be opposed to any chemicals entering, including BASF, which is also part of the European Union.