Australian company blames chemical industry for deaths of children

Posted September 05, 2018 09:25:39An Australian company has blamed the chemical industry’s failure to address the rise in respiratory illness caused by toxic chemicals, and its failure to take appropriate action, for the deaths of some of the children who have suffered respiratory illnesses linked to the use of the chemicals.

Key points:The company that makes the chemical, Parexel, is the only one that is legally required to produce a safety certificate to be issued to a chemical manufacturer in AustraliaThere are a total of 13 children in Queensland who have died from respiratory illnesses from the chemical used in the coronavirus since October 1, 2016An Australian government-appointed panel said last week it would look at Parev’s safety certificate and consider whether it meets the standard required to make a safety certification to a company that is responsible for producing a chemical that is used in Australia.

Key Points:The ABC has learned that the company that supplies Pareex to Queensland has a record of safety breaches including the deaths and injuries of childrenIt is also the only company in Australia that has a safety-certificate from the Australian Chemical Safety Board (ACSB)It is not clear if Parexit is also licensed to produce any other chemical in AustraliaThe Queensland government-owned company that manufactures Paretex is the sole owner of a Queensland-based company that has been licensed to make the chemicals used in coronaviruses in Queensland.

“The fact that the Queensland government is not required to have an ACCS safety certificate for the company is concerning,” Professor David Wigglesworth, from the University of Queensland’s School of Public Health, told ABC News.

“It does raise questions about the reliability of that certificate, especially given the number of children who are at risk and the fact that many of them are young and very vulnerable.”

In the absence of a formal certificate, PAREX is responsible only for the products they make, and the ACSB has said it is unable to assess the safety of those products.”‘

It was a complete failure’The committee said Pareox was the only Australian company that had a safety Certificate issued to it by the ACSB in 2015, when it was still registered as a chemical company.”PAREX has consistently breached its obligations under the ACCS, the ABC understands,” it said.”

Accordingly, the committee is requesting that the committee examine whether PAREXX should be required to carry out a full safety assessment of its products to ensure that they are not being used for harmful purposes.

“The committee also recommended that Parextil be required by the Government to produce the safety certificate, and that the ACCSB’s role be re-examined.

The committee’s report said PAREXTIL had failed to respond to questions on its role in the manufacture of the chemical and had not conducted a safety assessment.

The ABC contacted Parexe, which did not respond to the committee’s questions.

The Queensland Government-owned PareXel has denied any involvement in the manufacturing of Parexus and said that the use and sale of the compound was banned in Queensland in the late 1980s and early 1990s.”

We have no connection to the Parexpoxy Company, nor are we responsible for any of the products that have been used to manufacture PareXPoxy in Queensland,” the company said in a statement.”

As a result, no PareXTox products are currently manufactured or used in Queensland.”‘

I would have done anything for them’The Queensland coroner appointed to investigate the deaths said she was satisfied the chemical had not been used in a harmful manner.”

I would do anything for the people who were sick, for those who were dying,” Coroner Jillian McEwen said.

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