How to avoid a chemical spill in Alabama

A chemical spill that forced the evacuation of more than 100 people from a community in Alabama has killed one person and forced more than 200 others to evacuate the area, officials said Wednesday.

A total of 4.1 million gallons of a chemical called methyl chloride was spilled on a residential property in Calhoun County Wednesday night and is suspected of causing a chemical-laced explosion that destroyed a house, fire damaged nearby homes and forced hundreds of people to evacuate, officials with the Calhoun Co. said.

It is not known yet how the spill occurred or what the chemical was.

Calhoun officials also said that there is no evidence that any residents in the area have been exposed to the spill.

“This is a tragic incident and the Calhernes are deeply saddened by it,” said Calhoun Mayor Doug Dutton.

“We have no idea what this chemical was, nor will we ever know what it is.

We are working closely with the county to determine what happened and how this happened.

We have no additional information at this time.”

The Calhoun county Sheriff’s Office says it will continue to investigate.

A second explosion occurred Wednesday night in a rural area of the county, officials say.

The Calhoun fire department says that it was not immediately clear whether it was linked to the initial spill.

Officials say they have no other reports of injuries or fatalities related to the chemical spill.

The company that manufactures the chemical is BASF.