Russia bans chemicals linked to cancer

Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned a chemical used in cancer treatment for the first time.

The move came after Russian scientists concluded a study published in the prestigious journal Science in January linked the chemical to cancers linked to the ingestion of the herbicide, chlorpyrifos.

Chemicals that contain the herbicides can be found in all kinds of food and cosmetic products and some of them are even being used to treat cancer.

In an interview with reporters, Putin said his government was taking measures to limit the use of such substances and said they should be banned in the future.

“It’s not a simple matter to ban them.

There are some companies that are doing it.

There’s a very well-known company, for example, who has a product called Chlorpyrin,” Putin said.

“This is a chemical that is used in the treatment of cancers of the liver and lung, and also the skin and other parts of the body.”

In the interview, Putin added that he wanted to make sure that these chemicals would never be used again.

“We want to make a clear distinction between the substances that cause cancer and those that cause the normal, healthy functioning of the organism,” he said.

Putin also said that he was concerned about the increase in cases of cancer linked to exposure to the herbicidal compound.

“A recent study, published in Science, showed that a significant number of cancer cases in people over 50 years old have been reported in the country.

The number of cases has increased dramatically in this period, and we are concerned that this could be an important factor,” he told reporters.”

The most important thing is to take all precautions, to reduce the consumption of certain products, and to prevent the spread of the diseases that are responsible for this,” Putin added.

The country is one of the top consumers of chlorpyrs, which has been linked to serious health problems in Russia.

A chemical analysis of the compound showed it was present in 10.7 percent of samples of urine from 10,000 Russian men.

The herbicide has been used in Russia since the early 1990s.

In 2014, a study found that a chemical found in chlorpys, called bromethalin, was found to cause a fatal allergic reaction in some people.

In 2015, Russia banned the use in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other products containing chlorpypyrifoss and found it had been linked with several cancers.

Russia has been trying to curb use of chlorpyfos and its herbicides in the wake of the World Health Organization’s recommendation that they be banned by 2020.

The WHO warned in 2016 that the herbivores could be exposed to “an unexpected risk of adverse health effects from prolonged or prolonged exposure to chlorpyres.”

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