Gujarat chief minister orders ban on chemicals industry

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today banned the manufacture of industrial degreasers and chemical products, saying that this was “the biggest industrial hazard” in the state.

Modi, addressing the media in Gujarat, said that the Gujarat government was implementing strict action against those who manufacture chemical products for the manufacture and sale in the country.

“The pollution of the environment is a big concern for the people of Gujarat.

But also the pollution caused by chemical industries in Gujarat is also a concern,” Modi said.

The Gujarat government has also banned the use of the synthetic petroleum-based chemicals (SPSCs) in the manufacture, sale and import of industrial products, said the government statement.

The State Government has also taken action against manufacturers and importers of the chemical products which can be found in the market of the state, it said.

Modis order comes after the government of Gujarat last month suspended the export of industrial chemicals from Gujarat to neighbouring Maharashtra after the state government banned their manufacture.

According to data from the Department of Chemicals, Gujarat has a population of around 14 crore people and the state has more than 12 lakh industrial chemicals and other chemical products.

The state’s pollution is estimated to be about 12 lakh metric tonnes, according to the Union Cabinet Secretariat.