What is alka chemical industry?

The alka Chemical Industry Association (ACIA) is a non-profit, non-political group that promotes the interests of the alka chemicals industry.ACIA has chapters in at least 23 states, representing over 50 companies, according to its website.ACIA’s mission statement is to promote […]

Why is the UK exporting the chemicals used in its chemical industry?

By David LaceyBritish chemicals companies are being forced to export to the United States in record numbers after a series of scandals surrounding the manufacture and sale of the deadly chemical VX, which was banned in the United Kingdom by […]

When a japanese chemical company produces a drug, they use the same brand name

A Japanese chemical company is using a Japanese brand name to make a drug that is being used in a large number of other countries.Ajanta Chemical Industries Inc. is developing an antibiotic called B.V.I.D., or Bilharzine-Depleted-Ivermectin-Deglycoside-I.The drug is being manufactured […]