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“I used to go to work every day, and my father would give me a bottle of paint to put on my car.

I would get to paint it, and I would put it in the garage and he would paint it.

He’d have a bunch of brushes in the back, and he’d brush all the brushes together, and the brushes would all have the same colors, so it was really nice to paint cars,” he said.

“And then when I was a kid, we’d buy these giant bottles of paint and put them in our garage.

I remember it was just amazing.”

The family owned several car wash businesses in the area, and each had their own unique style.

“They had different paint colors, they had different brands, and they had all different things that were made, and we’d go in there and they would just have all these different colors of paint on there, and you would just pick a color and put it on your car, and then when you drove it, it would be a little different,” he recalled.

“The paint had to be just right for your car.

And they all needed the same kind of paint.”

A lot of the cars would have their own paint color, but the brothers would work with the same brands, making sure that they were all similar.

“You have to keep the color the same, and if you have a different color that you can’t get on your other cars, that’s OK,” he continued.

“But you can do it if you can paint a different one.

But that’s not really important.”

For the family, their main concern was to have their cars look good, so they would buy their paint with a particular brand, and paint a variety of colors.

“We were always looking for that one color that everybody liked, and that’s where we started,” he explained.

“I remember I’d go to the paint store, and all the kids would buy the same color.

And then when they were done with it, I would take a photo and put that on my phone, and just keep going back and forth.”

He continued to use his phone to record videos, so he could see how the car looked, and how the paint worked.

He also recorded photos of the car in various states of paint, as well as other types of paints.

“I’d just record it on the back of my phone,” he told me.

“It’s like taking pictures with your phone, I just recorded everything.”

The photos were then uploaded to a website called Autorid, and soon the family had a list of over 200 different brands of paint.

The brothers then bought their own car wash, and started making the cars.

The brothers made a lot of money off of their cars, and over time, they built a business.

One of the main ways they made money was by reselling their cars online.

They would put their cars on eBay, and people would buy them from the store, usually for less than the original retail price.

“A lot people were buying these cars, so I just kept making more,” he remembered.

“So I bought these two different cars, I got rid of the whole store, I started making all of my own car parts, and now I have a factory, and this is where my cars are made.”

He told me that they would take their car to the car wash for every new car they built, and would buy a car for every customer who came in for a test drive.

He would then take his customers back to his shop, and test drive the car before giving them their new car back.

“I’m like, ‘I’m making a million dollars right now, man!'” he said, laughing.

“Just doing this for all these people.”

One day in 2014, the brothers decided to do something a little more ambitious, and decided to build a car factory themselves.

“They wanted to make their own factory, so we got together and we built a factory and we started making cars,” said Marlene.

In 2015, they purchased a car wash in Jacksonville, Florida, called the Oldsmobile Factory.

As the brothers continued to expand their business, they decided to start doing a factory tour for the local automotive magazines.

They made stops in the metro Atlanta area, as the brothers began to sell more cars to the local auto dealers.

Marlene said that in 2017, they started selling their own cars.

“When we started selling our own cars, it was kind of like a dream come true,” she said.

They still made a profit, but they now needed to find a new way to make money, and were able to do so by working with the dealership to build their own facilities.

Marlene and her husband started making their own small business in order to pay for the cost of their car wash.

Their first stop was a car showroom in Atlanta, Georgia, called