When a japanese chemical company produces a drug, they use the same brand name

A Japanese chemical company is using a Japanese brand name to make a drug that is being used in a large number of other countries.

Ajanta Chemical Industries Inc. is developing an antibiotic called B.V.I.D., or Bilharzine-Depleted-Ivermectin-Deglycoside-I.

The drug is being manufactured by Tokyo-based B.D. Anderson in collaboration with Osaka-based Chemical Industries Corp.

The company announced the news on its website on Wednesday.

The new drug is made with the same manufacturing process as the company’s antibiotics, including using a common B.F.A. compound called BDFI, for Bifidobacterium-E.B.D.’s compound is not a generic drug, meaning it cannot be used in any other country.

B.F.-E is also not approved for use in the United States and is not listed on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s drug list.

But the drug has been approved in more than 30 countries, including Brazil, Canada, Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and Vietnam.

Ajantic Chemical Industries has been working with Chemical Industrie de l’Avenir de France (CIGAR) since 2007 to develop its antibiotic, which is being tested in mice.

The company is working with the French government, as well as its Chinese counterpart, CICAP, to develop a drug for human use.

Ajit Prakash, head of product development for Ajanta Chemical Industry, said the drug’s safety profile will be evaluated after clinical trials and an initial public offering in the U:The drug will be used for treatment of a variety of diseases including:infectious diseases, inflammatory bowel diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, psoriasis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, he said.

The drug has not been approved by the U, but is being developed for the U market.

“It is the first time that a drug has ever been made in this way and we are delighted to be working with such a leading company,” Prakashi said. 

“It means we can provide the best possible product at an affordable price and it will benefit patients.”