Why is the UK exporting the chemicals used in its chemical industry?

By David LaceyBritish chemicals companies are being forced to export to the United States in record numbers after a series of scandals surrounding the manufacture and sale of the deadly chemical VX, which was banned in the United Kingdom by […]

When a japanese chemical company produces a drug, they use the same brand name

A Japanese chemical company is using a Japanese brand name to make a drug that is being used in a large number of other countries.Ajanta Chemical Industries Inc. is developing an antibiotic called B.V.I.D., or Bilharzine-Depleted-Ivermectin-Deglycoside-I.The drug is being manufactured […]

New analysis shows chemical industry spending was the primary cause of Hurricane Katrina

New analysis of hurricane Katrina’s destruction by the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) finds that the industries that caused the destruction are likely to have been among the biggest contributors to the catastrophe.The study, published by the CRP’s Institute for […]

Chemicals Industry Hit with $7.7 Million Lawsuit for False Claims

Chemical manufacturers are suing the U.S. government for $7,000 each over the false claims that they are not “manufacturing” hazardous chemicals.The suit, filed in U.N. headquarters on Thursday, alleges the federal government and state and local governments have “made a […]

How to win the battle for your chemical distribution business

Chemical companies are facing increasing pressure to improve their performance and profitability.In a new study, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University examined how chemical companies can make their products more competitive and improve the quality of their products.They found that by […]

When you think of chemical plant disasters, chemical plant accidents are the most serious

Chemical plant disasters are more serious than many people realize, according to a new study.The study by researchers at the University of California, Davis and the California Institute of Technology found that there are around 10 times more deaths from […]

How to read the data to understand how the chemical fertilizer market performs

I had been looking at the market performance of chemical fertilizer companies for a while now, and I was surprised to learn that there was surprisingly little research on the industry.That’s because the chemicals themselves are relatively new, and there […]