Poland’s new chemical industry jobs numbers: 1.4M jobs by 2020

Poland’s new government has announced a total of 1.5 million jobs for chemical industry workers, with an expected job growth of 1 percent over the next five years.Poland’s newly elected Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has also said he is looking […]

Russia bans chemicals linked to cancer

Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned a chemical used in cancer treatment for the first time.The move came after Russian scientists concluded a study published in the prestigious journal Science in January linked the chemical to cancers linked to the […]

Al Jazeera’s Scottish chemical industry says ‘no’ to chemicals coming to UK

AECI industrial chemicals said it was “absolutely” against chemicals coming into the UK, as the Government’s planned Brexit deal threatened to see millions of pounds worth of the chemicals leave the country.Al Jazeera spoke to Alastair Wilson, the president of […]

Why are India’s chemical industries worried?

Indian chemicals companies are worried they will be left out of the global market as a result of Brexit and a surge in domestic demand.India’s top chemical suppliers are facing a surge of demand in the world’s third largest economy, […]

Calgary, the industry that has become toxic, is now toxic industrial chemical gloves

In the past few years, industrial chemical industry in Calgary has become an increasingly toxic environment.The industry has developed a toxic cocktail of toxic chemicals, such as benzene and perchlorate, that are used in the manufacture of many of the […]