Gujarat chief minister orders ban on chemicals industry

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today banned the manufacture of industrial degreasers and chemical products, saying that this was “the biggest industrial hazard” in the state.Modi, addressing the media in Gujarat, said that the Gujarat government was implementing strict action […]

US chemical industry digests latest chemicals report

NEW YORK — The US chemical sector is “in a good place” following its annual report on Thursday, according to the Chemical Industry Digest, an industry publication.The annual report said U.S. chemicals production and demand are expected to rise 5% […]

Why is this country still producing more pesticides than other nations?

We are now producing enough chemicals to kill more than 200 million people per year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.But as our nation’s population increases and our economy continues to grow, we are producing more than we need.The […]

Oil, gas, and chemical industry’s global carbon emissions jump 5 percent to reach record level

Oil, natural gas and chemicals industry’s carbon emissions rose 5 percent in the first six months of the year to reach a record level, the United Nations’ International Energy Agency said Tuesday.The increase in carbon dioxide emissions is the first […]

Chemicals company to expand U.S. operations amid new regulatory crackdown

Chemical company Exelon Corp. will expand operations in the United States, the company announced on Tuesday.The move follows a recent regulatory crackdown on the company, which is among several U.K.-based companies facing increased scrutiny in recent months.Exelon said in a […]

Which companies are using a chemical industry to make their products?

The chemical industry has long been seen as an opportunity to develop new, cheaper products, and companies that are now exploiting the potential of the chemical industry are exploiting it.One of the most successful examples is Synthesia, which has a […]

Poland’s new chemical industry jobs numbers: 1.4M jobs by 2020

Poland’s new government has announced a total of 1.5 million jobs for chemical industry workers, with an expected job growth of 1 percent over the next five years.Poland’s newly elected Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has also said he is looking […]

Russia bans chemicals linked to cancer

Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned a chemical used in cancer treatment for the first time.The move came after Russian scientists concluded a study published in the prestigious journal Science in January linked the chemical to cancers linked to the […]