How to buy and use the water chemicals you need to protect your family

You can buy and prepare water-based products and chemicals for your home with the help of the Asia Chemical Industry Association (ACHIA), a trade group.In addition to water, you can also purchase chemicals from the ACHIA website.You can also find […]

An Aarti chemical plant in India is facing an unexpected shutdown due to toxic gas leaks

IN AARASH KUMARIKUMARY, Haryana: Aartis India Pvt Ltd (AAPL) has been ordered to shut down its Aartix plant due to leaks of toxic gas that have contaminated a number of sites across the country.The company’s operations were suspended on Thursday […]

How to identify the chemicals that are the biggest contributors to the COVID-19 pandemic

Chemical companies, including DuPont, are trying to determine what chemicals they use to make their products.A new study found that the majority of chemicals that cause COVID deaths are produced in the United States.“These chemicals are not going to come […]

How to keep your eyes on the chemical industry’s chemical industry

It’s the same old story for many of the chemical companies involved in the world’s most toxic industries.Companies like Chemours and DuPont, for example, are on the front lines of the global chemical industry, but as governments in countries around […]

The chemical industry’s booming in India: Industry leaders unveil $5.6 billion investment in Mahavir Chemical Industries

In 2016, Indian government declared a drought in the state of Goa, a disaster that has been blamed on massive rains.As a result, companies in the chemical industry had to be shut down, and many workers were relocated to other […]

When Chemicals Are All That’s On The Market

When it comes to chemical suppliers, the industry is going to be a big one, and the new crop of new chemical-sourced products is set to change the landscape of how we use the chemicals that we use everyday.It’s a […]

Chemical industry database finds links between chemicals and deaths in Iran

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has identified more than 20 chemicals in Iran as “likely to be hazardous” to human health and to the environment, according to a new database compiled by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board.The chemical industry […]