What is alka chemical industry?

The alka Chemical Industry Association (ACIA) is a non-profit, non-political group that promotes the interests of the alka chemicals industry.ACIA has chapters in at least 23 states, representing over 50 companies, according to its website.ACIA’s mission statement is to promote […]

Akbari Chemical Industries ltd shares 7.6% to $1.23 per share in initial public offering

Chemical Industries International Ltd.(AkkB) said Thursday it plans to file its initial public offerings later this year.The company said it expects to raise $4.2 billion in the initial public offer.The public offering will take place in Tokyo, Japan.Akbari, which makes […]

The Latest on Marikko Chemical Industry’s Environmental Charges

Marikokos chemical industry is embroiled in a long-running investigation over allegations of environmental contamination.The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has called the industry’s operations a public health emergency, and the state’s Attorney General is investigating its pollution claims.The company has denied […]

‘Industrial chemicals’ employment hit in UK despite increase in chemical industry

The number of workers employed in the chemicals industry has fallen sharply in the UK in the past year, according to a survey released on Wednesday.The number of people employed in industrial chemicals has fallen from about 18,000 in September […]

Australian company blames chemical industry for deaths of children

Posted September 05, 2018 09:25:39An Australian company has blamed the chemical industry’s failure to address the rise in respiratory illness caused by toxic chemicals, and its failure to take appropriate action, for the deaths of some of the children who […]

Why a Chinese-made lithium battery can compete with an Indian one

Chinese-built lithium batteries are poised to beat the global market for electricity storage, according to analysts.But unlike most of its competitors, the company’s lithium-ion battery is made with a single material.The batteries’ high-energy density makes them a boon for large-scale […]

Why is chemico valves industrial chemicals so dangerous?

The chemical industry has long struggled to keep tabs on the levels of toxic chemicals found in the environment, but new research suggests there may be a better way to track them.Chemical industries have long struggled with the fact that […]

Japanese chemicals supplier, BIO, plans to make up to $300 million in profits from sale of its chemical cleaning business

Japan’s top chemicals maker is planning to make a profit of up to 200 billion yen ($295 million) in the next three years after the company sold off its cleaning business to a Japanese company, The Asahi Shimbun reported Monday.BIO […]