Russia bans chemicals linked to cancer

Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned a chemical used in cancer treatment for the first time.The move came after Russian scientists concluded a study published in the prestigious journal Science in January linked the chemical to cancers linked to the […]

Why is chemico valves industrial chemicals so dangerous?

The chemical industry has long struggled to keep tabs on the levels of toxic chemicals found in the environment, but new research suggests there may be a better way to track them.Chemical industries have long struggled with the fact that […]

Tata Steel to shut down its chemical manufacturing business in India

Tata Steel will shut down chemical manufacturing operations in India by the end of this year and the company will be selling its operations in the country for scrap, the company said in a statement on Friday.The statement said Tata […]

How to read the data to understand how the chemical fertilizer market performs

I had been looking at the market performance of chemical fertilizer companies for a while now, and I was surprised to learn that there was surprisingly little research on the industry.That’s because the chemicals themselves are relatively new, and there […]

Al Jazeera’s Scottish chemical industry says ‘no’ to chemicals coming to UK

AECI industrial chemicals said it was “absolutely” against chemicals coming into the UK, as the Government’s planned Brexit deal threatened to see millions of pounds worth of the chemicals leave the country.Al Jazeera spoke to Alastair Wilson, the president of […]

When the US government’s latest chemical weapons rules went into effect, the world got a surprise

By TechRadare title US government chemical weapons standards are about to go into effect article US government officials have announced that the US will begin to implement a chemical weapons policy that will take effect on 1 January, after months […]