‘This is what we’ve been talking about for years’: New technology makes digital manufacturing easier and cheaper

The future of manufacturing is finally here.It’s called digitalization, and it’s finally here to help you make your products easier to manufacture.In a recent report, Mashable lays out some of the big things we can expect from digitalization in the […]

Why some of the chemicals used in industrial processes are dangerous

NEW YORK (AP) Some of the dangerous chemicals used to make industrial chemicals in America are made in Mexico, according to a new report.The Environmental Working Group said in a report Thursday that Mexico is responsible for more than half […]

Australian chemical firm says it will cease production of toxic chemical dye

Updated March 16, 2018 12:21:48A major chemical firm is facing legal action from the Australian Government after it said it would stop producing toxic chemical dyes.Key points:Chemical dye manufacturer Ophira has sued the Federal Government and Australian Chemicals Board (ACB) […]

Which are the top ten chemical chemicals?

Electronic chemicals are the most prevalent industry in the United States, accounting for an estimated 5.3% of the total market.The top ten chemicals by market value are:Acrylates, Anhydrous ammonia, Ammonium nitrate, Amyl acetate, Benzene, Benzyl acetamide, Benzodioxane, Benzophenone, Bromine, Carbon […]

Tata Steel to shut down its chemical manufacturing business in India

Tata Steel will shut down chemical manufacturing operations in India by the end of this year and the company will be selling its operations in the country for scrap, the company said in a statement on Friday.The statement said Tata […]

When the US government’s latest chemical weapons rules went into effect, the world got a surprise

By TechRadare title US government chemical weapons standards are about to go into effect article US government officials have announced that the US will begin to implement a chemical weapons policy that will take effect on 1 January, after months […]

Aarti Chemical Industries – Aartio – the company that sold a toxic chemical to India.

Aartiomagical is a company that manufactures a chemical, a toxic metal and a pesticide called dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), which was used in DDT.The company was recently bought by a British firm called Oxitec.The British company has agreed to buy the Aartium […]

How to find out the truth about chemicals in your body

In the past, researchers have sought to determine what chemicals the body uses in the body and how much of each it’s produced.The body produces around 100 chemicals, but the chemicals that humans metabolize into the body are only a […]