Aarti Chemical Industries – Aartio – the company that sold a toxic chemical to India.

Aartiomagical is a company that manufactures a chemical, a toxic metal and a pesticide called dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), which was used in DDT.The company was recently bought by a British firm called Oxitec.The British company has agreed to buy the Aartium […]

UK-India pact for industrial chemicals, industrial chemicals uks: Minister says

India has reached an agreement with the United Kingdom for the supply of industrial chemicals in the country’s domestic markets, a government spokesman said on Monday.Indian officials said the accord was reached at a meeting of the government’s Industrial Affairs […]

How to find jobs in India for chemists

New jobs for chemist are afoot in India and the country is now seeking to boost the workforce to help stem the rising tide of chemical manufacturing.The National Chemical Industry Council (NCIC) announced Friday that the Indian Council of Scientific […]