How will a trade deal affect the opioid crisis?

After years of promises, the Trump administration on Friday signed a new trade agreement with 11 countries that would include provisions aimed at easing opioid addiction and opioid deaths.The deal, which will allow U.S. companies to import up to 30 […]

When is Basf chemical plant expected to resume production?

The plant was expected to restart production after the collapse of the coal mine.Now, it will likely resume only when the weather cooperates with a restart, according to an industry official who spoke on condition of anonymity.It’s unclear when the […]

Chemicals company that was the subject of an antitrust investigation has filed for bankruptcy.

Chemicals companies, including Amk Chemical Industries, are under investigation by the US Department of Justice, after the US Food and Drug Administration accused them of conspiring to make an antifungal chemical called azoxymethane (AMK) that the agency said could cause […]

Chemical industry groups urge EPA to review chemical industry rules

Chemical industry trade groups and Democratic senators are calling for an investigation into whether the Trump administration is taking too many shortcuts in regulating chemicals that make up a large part of the U.S. economy.Industry groups and the Trump transition […]