An Aarti chemical plant in India is facing an unexpected shutdown due to toxic gas leaks

IN AARASH KUMARIKUMARY, Haryana: Aartis India Pvt Ltd (AAPL) has been ordered to shut down its Aartix plant due to leaks of toxic gas that have contaminated a number of sites across the country.The company’s operations were suspended on Thursday […]

How to read the data to understand how the chemical fertilizer market performs

I had been looking at the market performance of chemical fertilizer companies for a while now, and I was surprised to learn that there was surprisingly little research on the industry.That’s because the chemicals themselves are relatively new, and there […]

What’s in the Chemicals Industry Council’s latest chemical fertilizer plan

The Chemical Industry Council is one of the largest chemical industry lobby groups in Washington.It was founded in 1998 to lobby on behalf of chemical companies, as well as other industries.It represents companies including DuPont, BASF, BASf, BASP, and DuPont’s […]

How India’s Chemical Industry will Transform Its Environment

By JAMES COOPER A few years ago, India had just over 1,400 chemical plants.Now it has nearly 6,000.In this article, we take a look at the chemical industry and its impact on the environment.India has some of the world’s most […]